Xenical Dosage

It is important that you take the proper dosage of Orlistat in order to achieve the best results. It is not recommended to toggle your dosage based on the effects you’d like to achieve. For example, if your doctor or online pharmacist recommends a particular dosage for you, you should take that dosage. Taking more or less of Orlistat (generic Xenical) will not help you lose more or less weight.

The recommended dosage for obese people who are taking generic Xenical is one 120 mg pill three times a day. (There is another Orlistat brand, Alli, for which dosages are half of the Xenical amount, at 60 mg each pill.)

Orlistat is most effective when it is taken right before a meal. Take your first pill right before breakfast, your second before lunch, and your third just before dinner. Snacks in between meals should be sparse and should not contain high amounts of fat. People who take generic Xenical should make sure that each of their three major meals is comprised of 30% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat. Healthy snacks would consist of fruits and/or vegetables.

People who take Orlistat with either too much or too little food or with too much or not enough fat in their food run the risk of getting an upset stomach. In order to work effectively—that is, to pass fat through the intestines and out through the feces, rather than getting absorbed into the intestines—there needs to be enough fat for the Xenical to take hold of. If there is too much fat in your diet, then the Orlistat will have difficulty passing all the fat through your bowel movements and so bowel movements will be uncomfortable. If there is not enough fat in your diet, then the Orlistat won’t have enough fat to take hold of during the process, causing you a stomach ache.

Orlistat (generic Xenical or Alli) capsules should be stored at room temperature, between 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit (15-30 degrees Celsius).

Warning you can buy Orlistat (generic Xenical or generic Alli) online without a prescription (like ED pills also). Speak with your pharmacist to confirm which dosage is best for you.