Orlistat Safety Precautions

While Orlistat (the main ingredient in generic Xenical) is FDA approved and is widely regarded as a safe weight loss supplement, there are still some precautions that you should be aware of.

First of all, just to put your mind at ease, more than 3300 patients have taken Xenical for a period of up to two full years and have seen tremendous results. If you stick to the guidelines (that is, taking the proper dosage and eating properly), then you should experience no gastrointestinal difficulties.

Second, Xenical has never shown any effects of impairing driving or the use of heavy machinery. It only affects your digestive system and nothing else.

Third, there has to date been no research connecting generic Xenical with birth defects or harm to a pregnant woman, but it is still highly recommended that pregnant women do not use Orlistat. However, if a pregnant woman’s obesity is so extreme as it may cause harm to her or to her unborn child during the pregnancy, some doctors may recommend the use of Xenical. Never use Xenical without first consulting with your doctor and be aware of any interactions with Xenical with other treatments even like Ed pills such as Levitra, which can turn to ineffective due to Xenical cleaning effect.

Nursing mothers should avoid Xenical as well since there is no conclusive evidence against the fact that there may be traces of Xenical passed through breast milk.

Another important safety measure is that you should take a daily multivitamin while using Xenical. Some nutrients may get passed through the feces along with the dietary fat, missing vital absorption steps. A multivitamin will ensure that you’re not losing too many nutrients in the fat-blocking process.

Finally, if you experience any abnormal side effects (beyond gastrointestinal side effects), you should seek immediate medical attention.

Throughout your experience using Xenical you should make sure that you schedule frequent follow-ups with your doctor. During these visits, to ensure proper care and safety, your doctor will probably weight you, measure your BMI, and ask you questions about your weight loss experience.

It is important that you find the support you need while embarking on this intense weight loss program. Losing weight within a supportive circle will help boost your self esteem and your will power, helping you lose weight faster.

Warning always follow package instructions, take the proper dosage, store pills in a cool, dry place, and stick to a healthy diet and you’ll get the results you always dreamed of—a leaner, healthier, more energetic YOU!